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Aggregates and Roadbuilding March-April 2017 : Page 11

JAMES DONALDSON, SKYRIDGE SOLUTIONS, OWNER AND DIRECTOR, EDMONTON, ALTA. From 2012 to 2016, James sold GPS equipment to operators and consultants in Northern Alberta. He soon realized, however, that there was an immense oppor-tunity to change the way UAVs were used on gravel sites. James decided to risk everything and quit his job to start a new company, Skyridge Solutions, because he knew the potential of his innovation – it would be a game changer. Although there were many UAV outfitters in the industry, James understood the benefit of pairing his RTK UAV with a high precision GPS. Not only was he able to calculate stockpile volumes, but he learned the ins and outs of creating operating plans for the government, 3D models, reclamation plans, cross-sections, among other deliverables. This completely changed the way gravel operators obtained data; the traditional method was expensive, posed safety risks, and was timely, taking up to four days. With the UAV, which James dubbed “Bibi,” he and his team are able to fly to a site within 35 minutes and offer centimetre-level accuracy without asking a hefty price, making it affordable to all operators. He is committed to better serving the aggregate industry and is constantly looking for innovative ways to use his fixed-wing UAV and help his customers. His com-mitment to improve industry standards can also be seen when he takes the time to meet with manufacturers, different organizations, and fellow UAV operators. James only started his company a year ago, but his impact in the aggregate indus-try can already be seen in Alberta. JASON CARDINAL, EQUIPMENT SUPERVISOR, CRUICKSHANK CONSTRUCTION, KINGSTON, ONT. Jason began with Cruickshank Construction as a 310t mechanic in 2011. As an employee he was an outstanding mechanic and an engaged employee active in the company’s employee suggestion committee and on its joint health and safety committee (JHSC). Jason left Cruickshank for a short time to pursue a role in a leadership position but when the opportunity presented itself to be a supervisor at Cruickshank, Jason immediately accepted and returned. As a supervisor, Jason has implemented many new management tools to improve both the equipment fleet and the happiness of the employees. Jason is now a member of the company’s pension and a management rep on the JHSC. Outside of work, Jason is a member of the South Dundas Volunteer Fire APRIL 2017 | ROCKTOROAD | 11

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