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Aggregates and Roadbuilding March-April 2017 : Page 12

Department. He lives in Morrisburg, Ont., but his office is in Kingston. This means that he does a one-hour-and-15-minute commute each day to and from work. This would not be extraordinary except when you consider that the company’s Morris-burg office is only three minutes from his house. When presented with the opportu-nity to take on a different role to have him work out of the Morrisburg office, Jason’s response was that he “didn’t want to leave his team.” Jason took a very dissatisfied group of employees, and, with strong leadership and management skills, now has them very engaged with the company. Jason’s role is specific to one of three shops at Cruickshank, but he is managing cost re-ports and inventory reports for all three shops as well as supporting employee de-velopment in all thee shops. Jason is listed on the Cruickshank “Mover and Shaker” list. JASON PECARSKIE, EQUIPMENT OPERATOR, CRUICKSHANK CONSTRUCTION, KINGSTON, ONT. Jason Pecarskiehas been an employee with Cruickshank Construction since 2011. He is an equipment operator and most recently has been running a 2016 Cat D6N Dozer. Over the last two years, Cruickshank has put a sig-nificant focus on reducing the idle time on its heavy equipment fleet with a target of achiev-ing a total idle time goal of 10 per cent. No one equipment operator at Cruickshank did a better job than Jason. At the end of the 2016 construction sea-son, the dozer Jason operated had the low-est idle time in the entire Cruickshank fleet at four per cent. To put that in perspective, Jason achieved an 85 per cent reduction in idle time from the previous year when the average idle time on the company’s dozers was 28 per cent. Jason understood the company initiative to reduce its impact on the environment, save hours on the machine and ultimately save money for the company and he ex-ceeded the company’s expectations on idle time reduction. Not to be forgotten in all of this, Jason is a great operator! gap between aggregate companies and the public they work to serve. This implementation of government created open-source data-sets to aggregate industry operations will allow for more in-teraction between government, industry, and the public, with a better understand-ing of the lifespan of aggregate sites and a closer look into how they operate. Ryan is also a wonderful family man who has worked diligently to bring aware-ness around Muscular Dystrophy after his eldest son was diagnosed with the disor-der in 2015. In 2016, Ryan took part in the “Ride for MD”, raising thousands of dollars for critical research initiatives. NICHOLAS CIFELLI, TECHNICAL SERVICES -PAVEMENT PRODUCTS, MILLER PAVING LIM-ITED, AURORA, ONT. In less than three years with Miller Paving, Nicho-las Cifelli has made numerous valuable contri-butions to the company and has advanced the road building industry as a whole. He has done extensive research in cold-in-place recycling, slurry seal, micro surfac-ing, surface treatment, and concrete. He is also actively involved with Ontario Stone, Sand & Gravel Association (OS-SGA) events to promote the aggregates industry. Travelling across Ontario and Manitoba, he gives seminars and Lunch & Learns to teach municipal engineers, councilors, and consultants about asset management, pavement preservation and road recycling – the best ways to keep their roads in the best shape using the most cost-effective and innovative tech-niques in the industry. Nicholas shares his depth of knowledge to the people responsible for turning tax dol-lars into safe and sustainable roads for the general public to use. He has also spoken at the University of Waterloo to educate its students about pavement preservation in the road building industry, as well as conducted research projects with them in partnership with Miller Paving’s research laboratory in Aurora, Ont. Nicholas was the driving force behind Miller Paving being recognized with the ORBA 2015 Green Award for Leadership RYAN HELD, SALES AND MARKETING MANAGER, CBM AGGREGATES, TORONTO, ONT. Ryan started working in the aggregate in-dustry as a summer student in the quality control lab for Blue Circle Aggregates in London, Ont. He continued to do so while attending Western University in London. After university, Ryan took on the role in quality control full time, until a sales representative job was posted internally for the London area, and Ryan applied and took over the sales position. From there an opening for the sales and marketing manager for aggregates in Ontario became available, and again, Ryan succeeded, obtaining the position. Currently, Ryan manages a group that in-cludes sales representatives, inside sales representatives, and scale people, as well as selling and marketing the various prod-ucts for all of the CBM Aggregate locations in Ontario. Ryan enjoys helping co-workers suc-ceed though initiatives including safety training, self-improvement courses, and taking the time to listen to others ideas. Ryan is also involved in industry associa-tions including the Ontario Stone, Sand & Gravel Association (OSSGA) and Ag-gregate Recycling Ontario (ARO). When Ryan is not at work he enjoys spending his time with his family and friends, golfing, and playing hockey. 12 | ROCKTOROAD | APRIL 2017 RYAN ANDERSON, GREYCOAT SOFTWARE, LEAD PROGRAMMER, KITCHENER, ONT. Ryan is an enthusiastic, adaptable, and extraor dinar y developer at Greycoat Soft-ware who has been commit-ted to his work since joining the software company in 2006. Ryan has worked with many companies throughout the aggre-gate industry to help streamline aggregate operations through data optimization, organization, presentation, and standard-ization and to reduce the environmental impacts of shipping aggregates through dynamic map-based calculation tools. Ryan has also worked alongside in-dustry organizations like TOARC to track surrendered, revoked, and abandoned ag-gregate operations to help bring increased levels of accountability to the industry. Among Ryan’s newest projects is the open-data based This software is helping bridge the information

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