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Aggregates and Roadbuilding March-April 2017 : Page 28

BELT TRAINING AND CLEANING Flexco’s newest offerings for belt clean-ing and belt training were on display at the trade show. The PTEZ Belt Trainer with a polyurethane roller cover has a unique pivot and tilt feature that re-sponds to and compensates for belt alignment without sensor rollers. A simple, versatile mounting system al-lows for easy and fast installation. Fl-exco’s new Y-Type Secondary Cleaner is also easy to install with tough yet gentle three-inch urethane blade segments and spring tensioners that ensure there is consistent blade-to-belt interaction and constant pressure on the belt. AXIAL GROOVE Sealmaster, a Regal brand, featured its Time Saving Axial Groove at the trade show, a simple but game-changing pat-ented design that allows for easier bear-ing removal and the ability to reuse the shafting with minimal cleanup. An axial groove in the inner ring bore provides clearance from the burr created when setscrews are properly torqued to lock the bearing to the shaft. The groove, which extends the length of the inner ring for removal in either direction, has no impact to the ball path roundness, load and speed rating, or bearing per-formance. TOPCON Topcon Positioning Group released the GX-75, a 10-inch touchscreen control box for construction machine automa-tion. The GX-75 is available for use with dozer, motor grader and excavator ma-chine control systems. It comes with a standard lock connector used with pre-vious Topcon control boxes, allowing for backward compatibility. The GX-75 includes an adjustable mounting back-pack designed to provide versatility. Additional features include integrated virus protection, and easily-accessible USB ports for saving and downloading job files. SILOBOT Astec, Inc. has introduced the Silobot in-spection service. The Silobot is a new tool that the Astec, Inc. Parts Department will use to do thorough visual inspection and metal thickness testing inside hot mix storage silos. The remote control capabil-ities of the Silobot inspection device keep workers out of the confined space of the silos and out of harm’s way. The inspec-tion record provided to the customer will include a metal thickness map, a video and photos of the inside of each silo. En-gineering evaluations and recommenda-tions, based on the inspection findings, will be provided by Astec engineers. 28 | ROCKTOROAD | APRIL 2017

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