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Aggregates and Roadbuilding March-April 2017 : Page 29

Upcycle: (verb) \uhp-sahy-kuh l\: To reuse material in such a way as to create a product of higher quality than the original: Ultradrum A.R.E. 50% UltraRAP 70% MegaRAP 100% It seems any plant these days can recycle, but have you ever asked about the quality of the mix produced? With higher RAP percentages comes the problems of degradation of the mix. That’s why Gencor developed the innovative UltraRAP and MegaRAP concepts, which can process 70% and 100% recycle without superheating and degrading the quality of the mix. The result is a noticeably superior and consistent mix. So if you want superior high RAP capability, don’t just recycle ... Upcycle. Call Gencor today and learn how you can “Upcycle”. 407.290.6000 or visit www.

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