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Aggregates and Roadbuilding March-April 2017 : Page 35

means that the segment is growing and offering up more choices for consumers. This was the first time we tested all new 5L Cummins diesel V8. Meanwhile it’s worth noting that Chevy’s veteran 6.6L Duramax diesel will be generation-ally updated next year. Ram 2500 – final score 77.0 per cent Nissan Titan XD – final score 74.9 per cent Chevy Silverado 2500 – final score 74.9 per cent FULL-SIZE – ONE-TON GROUP Chevrolet Silverado 3500 – 6.6L Dura-max V8 turbo-diesel, 6-speed auto, 4WD, DRW, Crew Cab, High Country trim Price as tested: $83,390 Ram 3500 – Cummins I6 turbo-diesel, 6-speed auto, 4WD, DRW, Crew Cab, Laramie trim Price as tested: $88,085 For the one-ton trucks we had a field of two – again we missed having Ford, particularly because its 2017 Super Duty trucks are all new. However we still per-formed a full field of tests on the Ram 3500 and Silverado 3500. After a full day of driving both trucks back to back the judges awarded the win to the Chevy Sil-verado 3500. Both trucks worked well, the key difference judges noted was ride-quality when towing – they preferred the Chevy. Chevy Silverado 3500 – final score 75.1 per cent Ram 3500 – final score 71.8 per cent this makes it tough for the judges to crown a winner because none of these trucks are “bad”. It also reflects on how fierce the competition is among the truck builders. Frankly, there are few segments where the profits per unit are higher, which compels them to bring their A game. This compe-tition brings sharp, constant innovation. Consider Nissan – this year it’s a virtu-ally new player in the market while others have brought significant improvements to powertrains. These changes give buy-ers an ever-widening range of choices. As for electronic conveniences and luxury appointments, the variety and range of content for 2017 continues to expand unabated. The overall winner of the 10th annual Canadian Truck King Challenge with the highest collective score of 79.4 per cent is the 2017 Hemi-powered Ram 1500. FOR THE LATEST GEAR NEWS, VISIT WWW.ROCKTOROAD.COM. FUEL ECONOMY DATA: For the fourth year in a row we have contracted with MyCarma of Kitch-ener, Ont., to collect and translate fuel economy data during the challenge. Data loggers plugged into the OBD readers of each truck make these results are as real-world as it gets. The report gives the fuel consumption results for each condition during testing – empty runs, loaded re-sults and even consumption while tow-ing. The averages include each judges driving style, acceleration, braking and idling (we don’t shut the engines down during seat changes). The results are found here separately. CONCLUSIONS It’s worth noting that all the trucks per-formed well, and as a group you’ll note how close all the scores are. If anything APRIL 2017 | ROCKTOROAD | 35

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